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Speed Drilling

Speed Drilling

In the industries we serve, there is no tomorrow … everything is, I needed it yesterday! This is why Bolt-Spec has revolutionized the stud drilling / removal process with… “SPEED DRILLING™”!

Developed to solve a real problem our industry has been plagued with since the beginning. Studs gall, crack, break, seize or strip, and when they do… Say goodbye to the schedule! Until now a 2-1/2” diameter 4” deep B-16 stud could take up to 8 hrs per stud to drill. With “SPEED DRILLING™” your talking minutes!!

 Don’t put off what’s been needing to get done because those studs have been a real problem for years… with “ SPEED DRILLING™” problem solved!

*From ¾” to 7” up to 12” deep.

Emergency Or Pre-Planning